Scott Wise: Teachable Moments Losing a Million Dollars

Scott Wise

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Most of us have failed in our lives, but not many of us have had the chance to lose a million dollars like Scott Wise has. Failures are a part of life. Those that are successful learn from the mistakes. Do you have what it takes to recover from a devastating disaster? You find out what kind of person you are when faced with adversity.

Scott Wise takes us through his tale. What drove his entrepreneurial endeavors early on. How he nearly poisoned his school at an early age while learning how to be an entrepreneur. How his early business spiraled out of control and how he recovered.

We talk a great deal about failing in this episode. Some people think failing fast and large lead to major successes as you continue on. Others think you need to minimize mistakes. We’ll leave that up to you on which method you chose, but just know that if failure happens, learn from it.

Scott recovered from a million dollar mistake by learning from his failures. Now he is looking to open even more restaurants in multiple states.

As we get delightfully off track from time to time, learn about Scott on a personal level. We find out about some early shenanigans when on Spring Break. How he enjoyed Colorado’s new laws, almost lost his life, and overcame an eating disorder.

Scott Wise

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