Gerry Dick: Work Hard and be Nice

Josh Springer with Gerry Dick from INside Indiana Business

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People often think you have to be a dick to get ahead in business. Gerry Dick suggests otherwise. Find out what made some of the biggest business stars to grace his show INside Indiana Business, stand out.

In the last episode, “Warren Carroll: Pulling the Pin on Your Life“, we showed what it might be like to throw everything away and start from scratch. This time around we have a very opposite story. Gerry found a way to continue his journey as a progression of one related thing to the next. It would eventually lead to the formation of his own company, where he has built a large network of the top business minds in Indiana through his TV show.

Gerry realized early on he didn’t want to coach basketball, a sport he was passionate about. He used that realization and became a Radio/TV major at Indiana State University. Emerging as a TV weatherman, he eventually became tired of forecasting the same mundane reports over and over again and chose to pursue a topic that had interested him. Deciding to tack the business world led to INside Indiana Business.

Find out how watching others reap the rewards from his company forced him to finally stepped up to take ownership and charter it to greater and greater heights.

We find that even someone as respected as Gerry didn’t always play the straight and narrow as a youth as he tells the story of his encounter with a well known ABC sports broadcaster and his jacket.

Josh Springer with Gerry Dick from INside Indiana Business

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