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Norm Hedges: Episode Information

Step One: Come up with a great idea.
Step Two: Become a Millionaire

At least, that’s what it feels like, until life kicks you in the balls and you start realizing the mountain that you’re going to have to climb. I dare say there is never a story that works out as easily as that one two combo. In fact, after the first day of having the great idea, the real mountain you need to climb gets uncovered from the clouds and you realize that a very difficult challenge lies ahead of you.

Norm Hedges, Indiana University Law Professor, talks about protecting your ass, or your assets rather. We dig into Intellectual Property Law (IP Law) and how you can make sure your million dollar idea isn’t stolen leaving you with no recourse. We also dive into the topic of patent trolls and whether or not IP makes it difficult for technology to go as fast as it can.

Josh also dashes the hopes of several entrepreneurs as he tells them their idea is shit. At the same time, he is always looking for someone to prove him wrong.

Norm Hedges with Josh Springer


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