Allan Springer: Like Father Like Son – LP20

Allan Springer and Josh Springer

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Allan Springer: Episode Info

Not all father/son relationships are great ones. Sometimes the father just can’t understand why the son is so bullheaded. The son often times feels like the father is putting too many rules in place. One day you wake up and realize the reason the relationship is strained is because… the father, Allan Springer, and the son, Josh Springer, are exactly alike. Bull headed, strong willed, and apt to pull off something just to prove it can be done.

On this therapy session otherwise known as Launchpad, we take a look at how Allan became a serial entrepreneur and just how far the apple falls from the tree.

We talk a lot about moving from one business into the next. Why taking on the notion of “it can’t be done” can sometimes be a catalyst for huge successes and dismal failures. Also find out how sometimes an entrepreneurial journey will have you building a successful business you never dreamed of being in.

Josh also talks about the time he truly realized that his dad was the same personality as he was during a very literal dick contest.

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