Mel McMahon Crazy but Sane

Mel McMahon with Josh Springer

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Everyone faces their battles and finds themselves starring at something they never saw coming. Mel McMahon tells her story and what led someone who thought she could never be a manager to running her own business.

As young adults we are let loose to do whatever we want and often we wreak havoc on this world. Partying sometimes becomes unruly and often times people can’t even tell that we are not in the right state of mind. Add in a traumatic experience and colleagues who are unwilling or don’t notice that something isn’t right and you wind up out on the streets looking for another job. We’ve all either experienced it ourselves or known someone who has.

It’s what happens after that defines you as a person. Find out how Mel not only came back from extinction, but surged to create her own business, Indiana Originals, and how she plans to continue to grow.

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