Greg Burhop: Kickstart Your Business

Josh Springer with Greg Burhop

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Kickstarter can be the great equalizer to small businesses, but it can also pull the curtain back and reveal the frauds of the world better than other platform out there. Most, like Greg Burhop; however, get the chance to create something on a bigger scale but with the drawback that every mistake is hoisted for all the world to see.

Greg Burhop came up with a game, Knock Down Barns. A simple game of knocking stuff down. A game that people enjoyed playing. A game that he knew people would want to buy. Given Kickstarter is a platform for such a game, he decided to venture out into the crowdfund arena and build his empire.

Getting funded is the hardest part, says those who don’t get funded. For those that are lucky enough to be funded, the real difficult part is what comes next.

Find out how Greg failed and succeeded past failure, Why Uber is the entrepreneur’s office, and what happens after you get funded on a crowd platform.

Josh Springer with Greg Burhop


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