Warren Carroll: Pulling the Pin on Your Life

Warren Carroll & Josh Springer

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Rarely is there a moment when one should pull the pin on their life; however, when the time arrives are you ready to make the decision that could change your life forever? Warren Carroll recognized the moment when it arrived in his life a few years ago and it led him to leave a comfortable job and a life that he knew to travel across the country and join Josh at Bottoms Up Beer as an unpaid intern.

Pulling the Pin On Your Life:

Blow up your current life for a fresh start (as in pulling the pin on a grenade)

Pulling the pin is no easy thing to do. In Warren’s case, he knew he could spend the rest of his existence living with the comfortable. Divorce was the worst of it. He had a decent job, living in a city he’d known his whole life surrounded by family and friends. Leaving was harder than staying, but when it came down to it, Warren had an urge in the pit of his stomach that there was so much more if only he were willing to take a chance and leave comfortable behind.

You are the Director of Your Own Movie

In any decision you have to remember that you are the director of your own movie. This was the mantra Warren heard over and over again on the Joe Rogan podcast. This is the mantra that would help edge him out the door on the way to a new life.

Value for Value:

If you find value in something, invest in it.

The first problem Warren faced… convince Josh that he needed him, especially at a time where Bottoms Up Beer was struggling and didn’t have money to hire him. The “No Agenda Show” podcast would provide the answer Warren needed. No Agenda constantly promotes Value for Value. If you find value in the information we are providing, donate to the podcast.


Warren Carroll & Josh Springer

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