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Todd “Soupy” Campbell Episode Info:

Todd “Soupy” Campbell is a serial entrepreneur who has run the gamut on businesses and has resumed selling real estate as his full time gig after his last venture, a once highly successful bar, took a downturn after an incident involving the State of Indiana and a girl with boobs.

Sometimes a business can do almost everything right, but one mistake at the absolute wrong time, especially when a politician is tying to make a name for themselves, can be the death knell for the business.

You have to know when the right time to fight is, and when the right time to move on is. Soupy had that choice to make after successfully fighting off the State once over an isolated incident.

Ultimately sometimes, no matter what you do, the business will fail. That is a hard thing for most entrepreneur’s to face, but it is the most important lesson we have.

Todd "Soupy" Campbell and Josh Springer

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