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The bars and restaurants are plagued with bad customer service. Many times it is something that could be fixed just by pressing a few buttons on SnapShyft.

Bad customer service is often the result of low staff numbers. People call in, they quit, they don’t show up to work, the list goes on. When that happens the staff of your favorite bar and/or restaurant suffers as they try and fill in that gap.

Thor Wood, owner of SnapShyft, saw an opportunity and went all in with his app SnapShyft. It could revolutionize the service industry by allowing bars and restaurant owners and managers to quickly find talented professionals who have been vetted. They can come in and help alleviate the pain of a short staffed facility.

Thor talks about what led him to creating this idea, how it’s been working out and where the companies future lies. We talk everything from pushing through an idea to getting the market to accept that idea and even delve into the VC world of getting your idea funded.

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