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Josh Springer: Episode Information

Sometimes inspiration hits at it’s most desperate point. This was the point when the insane idea hit Josh Springer to fill a pitcher of beer from the bottom of the cup. Facing a scary situation that would’ve changed life as he knew it, inspiration popped up in a day dream at a Mexican restaurant in Aberdeen, Washington (home of Kurt Cobain). In this moment Josh had a dream that would alter the course of his life and set him down a path of entrepreneurialism.

When thinking of how to introduce “Launchpad” and host Josh Springer, episode 168 of the Hammer and Nigel Show was first in our minds. In this show, Josh tells the story for the first time about how he came up with Bottoms Up Beer. It is definitely NSFW (Not Safe for Work).

We often find experiences lead to how we operate in business. Simple things like the shirt you wear can shape a philosophy. Your failures will be many, and your successes few, but your failures are the strongest asset you have. Every failure can be learned from, sometimes in a very painful way.

In this episode, there are a lot of examples of what not to do, including a marketing faux pas that could happen fairly easily in this day and age of sexting. There are also a few tips of what you should do. Quality is key.

On a personal note, this was the day I first met Josh and approached him about doing a business show that would eventually become “Launchpad”, A drunken show about the entrepreneur’s journey & those crazy enough to say screw the man to go after their dreams.

This is a show about the stories of entrepreneurs, their failures, successes, and inspirations.

Special thanks to Jason Hammer and Nigel for allowing us to repost portions their episodes.

Brad Shoemaker and Josh Springer with Launchpad

Launchpad’s Host, Josh Springer (right), and Producer, Brad Shoemaker (left).

Brad Shoemaker

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