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John Wechsler and Fail: Episode Information

Failure is all we know as a baby. Each time we wave our hands, try to grasp something, hit ourselves, bump into things as we crawl or even falling down every time we try to get up and walk, we continue to fail. John Wechsler is very aware of this and through failure he knows that’s where we grasp the tools to succeed.

Failure is starting to become a business model. What once was shameful and looked at as something to hide in the closet or push under the rug is now driving innovation and new ways to do business. If you haven’t failed, you haven’t learned. Josh fails every day in life and continues to find a way to push through that failure as he builds a successful company.

We take a look at why John created Fail Fest, the impact it’s had and even some failure stories. We find out the failings of John, Producer Brad Shoemaker, and certainly host of the episode Josh Springer. Failure seeps through the pores of these gentlemen and yet they are still pushing to build something bigger than the net of all their failures combined.

This is a very quote filled episode and covering a subject that is both very intimate and enjoyable among the Launchpad crew.

John Wechsler Fail

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