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Doug Karr: Death and Taxes

By March 8, 2016January 24th, 2018No Comments

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Taxes, that annoying thing that we have to pay every year, or in Doug Karr, Brad Shoemaker and Josh Springer’s case, that annoying thing that you have to pay every year and always seem to wind up paying late.

It’s not easy being in business for yourself. In fact, the single hardest part isn’t the fun and excitement of working on your product or service, but rather the mundane office tasks that make up the days.

In this episode we work through what made DK New Media the beast that they are in the marketing world. Doug’s journey through joining the Navy and life overseas during a possible chemical strike.

Much like those that have been on the show before, Doug tells the story of destroying his first attempt at a marketing company and working for someone else after you’ve tasted what it can be like to be an entrepreneur.

A reoccurring theme in this episode is survive and advance. Sometimes you have to do what it takes, even if it skirts the edges of legality to make sure the company survives long enough to become a self-sustaining entity.

Doug Karr


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